Wazee Specialty Weekend

So what is this Wazee Specialty Weekend all about?

We dive, dive, and dive all weekend because we love to dive and share our love of diving with you.

Generally the time frame of the weekend is something like:

9:00 am – Deep Dive 1
1:00 pm – Deep Dive 2 and/or Navigation Dive 1
7:00 pm – Night Dive 1 (Dive 2 can be completed on any Tuesday Night Adventure Dive)

9:00 am – Deep Dive 3
11:00 am – Navigation Dive 2

This is subject to change and adjustment with regard to the weather, staffing and number of students.

For each of the Specialty Classes there are 3 parts to the course:

Digital Home Study – 3 to 4 chapters with quizzes via the DiveSSI app or web site
Workshop – About 1 hour at the shop of discussion and a written exam
Training Dives – 2 for Navigation or the Night and Limited Visibility course and 3 for the Deep Diving Course

Real Training and Real Diving increasing your comfort, confidence and safety in these areas will make you a better diver. Try one out or all three.

Click on these links to register for each course and get more information on each. Call the shop to pay for the course in order to be authorized for the Digital Home Study course.

Deep Diving Workshop
Deep Diving Dives

Navigation Workshop
Navigation Dives

Night and Limited Visibility Workshop
Night and Limited Visibility Dives

Stay with us at the campground at Lake Wazee or book a hotel room in one of the near-by hotels.