What is Advanced Open Water and how do I get it!

So you want to be on the first dive of the day that goes beyond the 60′ standard Open Water Diver limit. What do you do?

Take the Deep Diving course, of course!SC-DD-2

Deep Diving is primary driver for divers to get their “Advanced Open Water” rating. Through the SSI Education and Certification programs, Advanced Open Water is a rating that is a REWARD for 1 – continuing to learn and 2 – gaining experience in diving! It’s real world diving experiences, not just a survey of a couple of aspects of diving but getting out and doing several dives in a Specialty area. 24 logged dives and 4 Specialties is all that you need.

Click here for more information about Advanced Open Water Rating.

When do we do this?

June 25 and 26 at Lake Wazee with Workshops at the shop on June 22.

How do I register?

Deep Diver click here
Navigation click here
Night and Limited Visibility click here


What’s most important?

Deep Diver is the Specialty that we are able to only conduct on this weekend and the last weekend of September at Lake Wazee. All of the other Specialties – Navigation, Night and Limited Visability, Search and Recovery, etc – we are able to complete while on our Tuesday Night Adventure Dives or any other day in the Lakes around Madison.

Do I need to do all of the Specialties?

No! Choose one, two or all three to start on this weekend. Can’t make this weekend? Send an email to Brian to schedule a class.

So click on the links above and register for the Specialty Course that you would like to do in your continuing dive education!