The Scuba Academy – SiPs and more

You’ve heard it before – good divers are always learning. Learning about cameras, equipment, wrecks, what/how to pack for dive trips, just to name a few. To serve this purpose, MadisonScuba has put together – The Scuba Academy. It’s a way for you to learn a little about a variety of topics in order to see where your real interests lie. We are starting out with six free SiPs (Scuba Informational Programs) covering a wide range of topics.

After the SiPs are completed, The Scuba Academy classes will begin. Enrollment in the Scuba Academy will last an entire year and can be done in the shop.

For a monthly fee of $49, you will receive the following:

Up to 3 sessions per month covering topics as varied as:

  • Photography tips
  • Learn how to plan and pack for trips
  • Hands-on experience with equipment
  • Which camera should I get if I want to shoot video, do I need a light, or which tray should I consider?
  • Plus many others

A variety of monthly bonus resources such as free air fills, gear rentals, or try scuba passes for friends.

If you have found yourself interested in learning more about these types of topics, give SiPs and the Academy a try. Check out our website or stop into the shop for a listing of discussion topics and dates. To sign up, stop by the store or call in. Please be sure to sign up for individual nights at least one week in advance to help with logistics.