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3406 Edgehill Parkway

United States

Welcome to the Shorewood Hills John C. McKenna Park dive site.

NEW – Please consolidate gear as much as you can into one vehicle. Take the cable down at the gate and put it back up before driving down to the boat house. When you are all packed up and ready to load out, the same procedure with the cable is required.

DO NOT PARK AT THE BOATHOUSE. Unload and move you vehicle back to the street immediately.

Loading in and out is a bit tricky so take your time driving down and up the hill. When you get to the intersection of Edgehill Drive and Edgehill Parkway, there is a driveway down to the boathouse just to the right of the sign for John C. McKenna Park. You may drive down this path to unload your gear and then drive back up to park on the street at the top of the hill. Please don’t park in the small parking lot. Let’s save that for the village residents. Please use caution, yield to pedestrians, and be courteous to all.

Unload and stage your gear on top of the boathouse. Picnic tables are to be used to don and doff gear, not as staging/assembly area. Please keep them clear as people use them to picnic. Go figure.

There are no bathroom or changing facilities here.

The walk down to the water is via a cement staircase (25 stairs), then across the boat dock (flat 25 feet) and a gravel beach shore entry.

The dives are mostly in the mooring field where you can find perch, bass, sunfish, and an occasional walleye, northern or gar. Also many things have been used for mooring anchors over the years – potbellied stove, truck radiator and huge chunks of concrete to name a few.

A mostly sandy bottom with sometimes much plant growth up to halfway out. Then the plants clear to the last buoy. Beyond that, the bottom slopes off but is in boat and fishing traffic. A dive flag buoy is required.

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