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2950 Lake Mendota Dr.,

United States

Second Point Dive Site

Don’t confuse this with Second Point Woods, Frautschi Point or Picnic Point. It has recently been called “Wally Bauman and Tent Colony Woods” on Google Maps.

Lake Mendota Drive is a narrow road along the bluff near the Eagle Heights housing complex. Watch for a small semi-hidden driveway that opens into a clearing with parking for about 8 cars. Watch out for the large bolders protecting the turn around in here.

We meet in this parking lot, gear up then walk down the stairs to the water level.

Site details

Parking is within this small lot. There are spaces marked on the asphalt but you can also park along the opposite side on the gravel. If the lot is full, drop off your gear and park in the Frautschi Point parking lot to the east. There is no street parking here.

The walk to the shore requires going down (then up) 2 flights of stairs. Some take all of their gear at once and some do it in several trips. When it is really hot out, we suggest donning your wet suit last at the edge of the shore.

A gravel beach is at the water’s edge and a gentle slope to the entry to 30′ out gets only about 5′ deep, a nice easy entry.

Back swim out a bit to clear the aquatic vegetation then descend to the bottom at about 13′. Travel north until you hit 25′-30′. You might find a platform and a treasure chest! Once at 25’30’, travel either left or right 90 degrees along this edge for best exploration. Beyond this is just cold and moonscape.

Generally there is 2′-15′ of viz with a water temp of 55F in the early spring and near 75F in summer. There will be a thermocline around 20′ that is 60F.

Most of your dive will be 25′- 30′ max.

Wetsuit – 7mm most of the year, 5mm in late July and August
Hood, gloves, boots – Boots all of the time. Hood and gloves in the early season and late season.
Light – for seeing things.

Fish – Perch, Crappie, Bluegill, Bass. Occasional Walleye or other large species. Carp and suckers also.


The dive site entry coordinates for your GPS are:

43.089104, -89.440042
+43° 5′ 20.7738″, -89° 26′ 24.1512″

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