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Governor's Island Parkway,

United States

Governor’s Island Dive Site

Lake Mendota has many great topical features including holes, slopes and a couple of walls. The Governor’s Island dive site starts on the sandy flat off of Governor’s Island and can continue to the ‘hole’ that can reach 80′. The dive explores the continuation of the bluff that the Mendota Health Institute sits on. Piles of rocks and boulders, dolimite and sandstone formations and the wall of 20-30′ with the base at 70′ are attractions to explore on this dive.

The area is a great place for finding anchors and fishing lures, with walleye, pan fish, carp, crappie and even gar fish being reported.

Site Details

This site is accessible by boat only. Theoretically you could gear up at the parking area off of Cinder Lane near the Mendota Health Institute but you would have an arduous walk to the water plus a long back swim to the site.

MadisonScuba loads and leaves from the Warner Park boat dock. There is ample parking on the street or under the railroad overpass the streets beyond it. A short boat ride brings you to the site.

The map shows the approximate dive site location.

Viz is sometimes outstanding at 20′ but can also be the 18″ (yes inches) variety. The water temp varies from 55F in the spring to 80F in mid summer on the surface with several thermoclines starting between 25′-30′ to 70’that takes the temp to 55F and to 45F.

Wetsuit – 7mm always, 5mm in the summer if you stay above the thermoclines. Hood, gloves and boots recommended for below the thermoclines.
Hood, gloves, boots – Boots all of the time. Hood and gloves below the thermoclines.
Light – for seeing things past 20′ deep.

Fish – Crappie, Bluegill, Walleye. Possible Gar and Lake Sturgeon.

GPS Coordinates

Lat: 43.123195
Lon: -89.407185

+43 7′ 23.502″
-89 24′ 25.8654″

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