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Devil’s Lake South Dive Site

A current Wisconsin State Parks sticker is required to enter Devil’s Lake State Park. Day passes and annual stickers are available at the ranger station at the South Side Beach.

Contrary to popular belief, Devil’s Lake is not that deep. A max depth of 45′ is near the center of the lake. All of the interesting structure and fish are within 100′ of the shore. Beyond that is a vast plain of muck. The lake is an endorheic lake with runoff being the only source of water to replenish the basin with no rivers or streams taking water out of the lake.

Site details

There is parking across from the entry point. There is local traffic so don’t block the road. You can also drop off your gear and park at the boat parking off South Lake Road.

This site is a smooth walk in entry with a small sand beach to finalize your gear. The walk in is a sandy and much bottom the gently slopes to about 3 feet at 20 feet out. Inflate your vest and float while putting your fins on.

Travel to your left about 30 feet from shore. Get to the last cabin and look down, you should see large boulders. You can descend and continue traveling in that same direction.

Please note that these private cabins along the shoreline. Don’t go near them or the docks unless it’s an emergency.

Generally there is 6′-20′ of viz with a water temp of 55F in the early spring and near 75F in summer. There will be a thermocline around 20′ that is 60F.

Most of your dive will be 25′ max.

Wetsuit – 7mm most of the year, 5mm in late July and August
Hood, gloves, boots – Boots all of the time. Hood and gloves in the early season and late season.
Light – for seeing things under the boulders.

Fish – Crappie, Bluegill between 5′-15′. Small mouth bass galore that follow you around. Occasional Walleye and Northern at the thermocline or just below. Possible Musky at the thermocline also.


The dive site entry coordinates for your GPS are:

43.414517, -89.738401
+43° 24′ 52.26″, -89° 44′ 18.24″

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