Try Scuba

Sometimes it is hard to know if you’re going to like something until you try it, like asparagus. The same is true with scuba. The place to do that is with MadisonScuba in a Try Scuba class which lets you basically try diving in the pool without having to spend a lot of money or time.

This choice is really popular with kids (Adults TOO!) who are not sure if they want take Open Water Certification class or merely as just something fun to do on a weekend (MOM I’m Bored Syndrome).

It is an introduction to the thrill of breathing underwater and allows you to confidently explore the wonders of the underwater world in the safe, supervised conditions of a confined environment (pool). In this controlled, shallow, swimming pool environment our expertly trained, certified instructors will guide you through all of the basic skills of scuba diving utilizing pool games and lots of fun underwater activities

  • You must be 8 years or older.
  • Pool: 1
  • Cost: $45