Dry Suit

So you’ve been diving for a while, and you love everything about scuba except the getting wet part? If this sounds like you, it might be time to think about the Dry Suit Diver specialty. Or maybe you are interested in diving in colder water so you can explore wreck diving or ice diving. Diving in a dry suit requires a new level of technical ability compared to wet suits.

We do not have rental dry suits to use for the course. This course is meant to help you gain familiarity with your own dry suit. Dry suits are not the same across the board like wet suits. Therefore, training in the dry suit that you will be diving in is the safest way to train you.

If you are interested in this specialty, and do not yet have a dry suit, come talk to us about options we can offer. Most of our team has dry suits, and can talk to you about features we do and don’t like. We have several dealers with dry suit lines, and can show you the benefits of the options we would recommend.

If you do choose to purchase a dry suit through Madison Scuba, we will offer you the Dry Suit Driver specialty for free, a value of $155.

  • Workshop: 1
  • Pool session: 1
  • Dives: 2
  • Cost: $155; free if you purchase a dry suit through Madison Scuba