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Date(s) - 9 Aug 2020
8:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Sun Prairie High School Pool


Practice makes ….

Most people say perfect. We don’t seek perfection. What we seek is the ability to use and improve the skills that we have learned in dive classes to make us more comfortable and confident in the water.

It takes practice to perform a skill well. Go outside this time of year in Wisconsin and it’s a skill just to stay warm let alone get in the water and stay warm.

Stay inside and practice the skills you have just learned or brush off the rust if you haven’t dove in a while.

If you haven’t dove in a few years, this does not substitute for a Scuba Skills Update. Spend the couple of bucks and get a full update of your skills with the Scuba Skills Update course.

You are welcome in the pool anytime we are there. We’ll let you know how busy we are and where you can dive. The classes come first but when we are using up the deep end, take a break. Then get back in.

You can pay the fee of $25.00 for this class at the pool but we do ask that you reserve your spot but filling out the form below.

See you at the Pool!

You can practice diving or snorkeling!


Bookings are closed for this event.