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Date(s) - 31 Oct 2020
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM



Celebrate Halloween and show off your carving skills with MadisonScuba at Shorewood!

Ryan  leads the annual Pumpkin Carving contest and Halloween dive. Will it be cold – YES! Will the viz be ok – MAYBE! Will it be a fun time – OF COURSE!

Bring a pumpkin to carve, a sharp knife (be very careful) aka kitchen knife, and creative ideas for your carving. Recommendations are to cut open and remove the ‘guts’ before you get to the dive site. Pumpkins are amazingly buoyant!

We’ll head out in 15′ of water, descend and carve away. Prizes for the best overall, most creative, and ugliest pumpkin.

The air temperature will most likely be colder than the water temperature, so prepare for the chilly getting out of the water experience. Parkas, wool socks, snowmobile suits are all fair game to warm up after the dive. Hot chocolate is a great thing after this dive.

Usually a small gathering takes place afterward in a nearby location.

Click on the location above for more information about the dive site and directions.


Carve that Pumpkin