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Tuesday Night Dive is – ON!

It’s a double header night at Devil’s Lake South Shore with JoAnn. Register here for the 6 pm dive. Register here for the 8PM Night Dive. You must have a dive light for the night dive. We have several styles available at the shop!

Classes and lessons this week

Start your Scuba Diving Certification today! Open Water Certification class starts on July 8, 9 or 11 but you can start working through the digital academic work online now. Simply call or stop into the shop to pay for the course and get your registration credentials.

SSIdigitalipadThis time of year you start with digital online academic learning, then two classroom workshop sessions and two pool sessions right here. You then do your training dives July 23/24 or 25/26 right here. You also have the option for a referral to a warm water vacation destination. The next Pool sessions are July 11 and 12.

Tuesday Night Adventure Dives are in full swing

Yes our ever popular and famous Tuesday Night Adventure Dives continues with the next dive on July 7 at Devil’s Lake South Shore. Viz has been good with the water temps coming into the 70’s at the surface.

Each Tuesday Night (evening, not a night dive, although there are a couple of them on the schedule) we meet at a local dive site at 6pm to go for a dive. Read more…

For a complete list of this summer’s dives with links to register for the dives – CLICK HERE!

Thursday Morning @ 11 Dive Club

A new weekly dive at local dive sites during the daytime during the week.

This group led by Mac, John, and Brian will be diving some intriguing spots at 11 am on Thursdays throughout the summer. Send an email to Brian if you are interested in joining the group.

Clean-up Dive Thank You!

Thank you to all who came out last Saturday for our part of Take a Stake in the Waters Clean-up dive. After some great educational training from Randy Hoffmann, we removed over 15lbs of Eurasian Water Milfoil from the waters at John C. McKenna Park aka Shorewood. We also removed over 100lbs of garbage including tires, fishing poles, and full cans of Pepsi along with the usual bottles, cans, plastic and other stuff.

Thanks to the crew who got in the photo!
Cleanup 2015 crewwebsite